Our 2010 Countdown! Clock Bags!

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I got this idea from some of the gals over on the FIAR boards. It is so much fun!

This year we had a bag for every hour from noon to midnight. Every bag had a riddle stapled to it and the children had to figure out what the activity was. They had a blast, and the day flew by! I would definitely love to do this again next New Year’s Eve.

These were my cheesy riddles (I made them up all by myself! :P Very last minute! *And it appears Word has issues copying and pasting, sorry for any weird spacing, it is not visible on my editing screen*) :

It is noon and only 12 hours to go!

Then it will be 2010 you know!

I am sure we are not home, because we have an appointment you see,

but when we get home it will be fun and you’ll be filled with glee!

Until then, enjoy thinking of the things to come!

When we play fun things and fill our tummies with somethings yum!

However, while you wait, enjoy some funnies to put your mind at ease,

of the orange cat who who is always sure to please!

Answer: New Garfield comics!

Wow! An hour gone by and how fast it went!

It is now 1pm and time’s well spent!

Can we forget what this day is? I do not think so.

But just in case, lets make something with little round things on a string before we go!

Answer: Make New Year’s beaded bracelets

It is 2 o’clock already? The day is more than half done!

I think we should do something that will sweetly fill the house,

and reminds us of a book about a quirky little mouse!

If you can not remember, let me help you think,

This little guy loves one with a cup of milk to drink!

Answer: Bake cookies!

It is now 3 o’clock and we are all sure busy!

I think it is time for drawing that is not done by you or me,

but perhaps by something like the t.v.!

This game we have not tried, but I am sure it is great,

because when mommy and daddy were kids we had to finish drawing before it was too late!

Answer: Play Disney Pictionary!

4 o’clock and time is sure chugging along!

Let’s not doze off in a dream!

How about Wii try something a little more Extreme?!

A little climbing and biking, a little surfing and jumping,

I am sure this fun game will get our blood pumping!

Answer: Play Extreme Challenge

Now we are really feelin’ alive! And my goodness it is already 5!

A new year ahead and so much to think about,

I am sure we’ve so much things to figure out!

What’s on your mind?

Any dreams in your heart?

Think about it, now is the time to start!

Anything in this coming new year you’d like to do?

Let’s write a little something to read when 2010 is thru.

Answer: Write a letter of goals, ideas, dreams, and other things on our mind for the coming new year!

The time is now 6 o’clock and I am thinking our

tummies are rumbling for some tomato basil soup and french bread to devour.

Answer: Eat dinner :o )

Whew! 7 already?! My, time is surely passing fast!

I am thinking it is time for a game where you must not finish last!

Whether by car, bike, or skates, you’ll want to be going fast!

Answer: Play The Great Race

8pm and isn’t it great! We are getting there and it is not quite that late!

I am thinking we should sit back and enjoy a movie of course!

It is based on a book we are loving, because he is a monster of sorts,

but you must always remember our friend Crusoe is no ordinary horse!

Answer: Watch the Water Horse

9 o’clock and I don’t think we have quite finished the plot!

How about a treat that is not very hot.

It is a little frozen that we’ve always seem to got,

Vanilla in a glass, topped with something that bubbles a lot!

Answer: Have root beer floats!

10pm and I am thinking we’re getting a bit sleepy.

How about we play a mystery game that is not all that creepy!

Was it the dog who took the ball? Or the fish who took the bear?

Let’s find the who and the what, we already know the where!

Answer: Play Clue Jr.

11 o’clock and only an hour to go!

What are we gonna do next, I bet you’d like to know!

It is time to just let the rhythm flow!

Get that bass, get that guitar,

bring out the drums, and now we are real rockstars!

Famous Five are who we are

only made of Lego and we are stars!

Answer: Play Lego Rock Band

Midnight and you see,

We all made it to 2010, YIPEE!!

Lets make some noise no longer inside but out,

and ring in the new year with some poppers and shouts!





Happy 2010 Everyone! May it be a year full of His grace and blessings!


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